Our Philosophy

We deeply believe that everyone deserves a great hairstyle, independently if is in a certain age, or has a specific hair-type or personality to carry off a hair statement, or an off-duty hair understatement.

We keep on to sign the hair agenda without limits, restrictions and rules.

Beyond and above all, it’s important to everyone at THE CONCEPT that, we continue to evolve. We believe in action not in resting or on laurels of glory.

Our salon is the heart of the THE CONCEPT brand, where a new concept will began here!

We aim to always be better and do better.

Our Technique

We follow the basic geometrical lines, transforming the classic style into a youthful one.

Converting simplicity into attractiveness we succeed in portraying the beauty of the facial features.

Most importantly, we identify the hairstyle that suits our customer’s personality and image.

Our Salon

An exceptional, attractive and comfortable place, especially designed to welcome our clients and offer to them a qualitative time for relaxation. We aspire to becoming an luxury spot of care that will take you away from the tensions of the modern lifestyle. We value your precious time and we prove it at any moment.

For us, hospitality and treat-well starts from the first step into our salon.

You can visit us:

  • TUESDAY:   11am – 8pm
  • WEDNESDAY:   10am – 6pm
  • THURSDAY:   11am – 8.30pm
  • FRIDAY:   11am – 8.30pm
  • SATURDAY:   9am – 6pm


Cutting & Styling

  • Cuts
  • Blow Dry
  • Up Do
  • Wedding Services
  • Extensions


  • Single Process
  • Partial Highlights
  • Half Head Highlights
  • Full Head Highlights
  • Gloss


  • Hair Treatment
  • Micro Mist
  • Keratin Treatment

Our people

We believe in the cooperative work, so each member of our team, is an essential bond for creating optimal performance for customer satisfaction.

Each member is carefully selected, is constantly well-trained, and effectively contributed to achieving our goals


Georgia Koveou

Georgia Koveou

RECEPTIONIST Georgina studied journalism at the ANTENNA school and drama at IASMO of Vasilis Diamantopoulos’ institute. She has acted in many plays as well as, in several serials in ANT, MEGA, ALFA such as the “Forbidden Love” and others. Having the ability to connect with people, relates to her creative nature and motivates her to continuously strive for new things. “I love art because through it I am able to convey my feelings and ideas to people,” she uses to say. When Georgia was offered the responsibility of the welcoming desk, in the Salon, she regarded it as a challenge. It felt as though she may well be on stage. The elegant designed space invited her to assume the key role, since she would be the first point of contact with the client. “In fact, my role is one of the most important ones,” she says, happily, “I consider myself to be the link which shapes the relationship with our clients and more over I contribute in creating a warm environment in the Salon.”

Dimitra Karanika

Dimitra Karanika

STYLIST Dimitra was born in Nuremberg, Germany. She studied hairdressing and has an extensive experience in well-known salons in Athens such as TEO and MS. Her work plays an important role in her life and her relationship with clients constitute an extension of her personality. “The days in the EZ Salon differ from day to day” says Dimitra, “there are daily new challenges and invariably some little hidden surprises; I either need to acquaint myself with the new clients’ personality as well as their likes and dislikes or, I would have to handle my regular clients’ various peculiarities”. “I often feel like a school girl and this keeps me alert to give my best. I am very happy in my job. I have a positive disposition and I am totally committed. Despite the short time that we work together, the Team has one common goal and that is, SUCCESS through SATISFIED clients.”

Martha Laladakis

Martha Laladakis

MANICURE-PEDICURE SPECIALIST Martha born in Athens, Martha studied manicure and nail reconstruction (acrylic nails). She records fifteen years of professional experience and continues with an unchanged passion towards her work. Excellence is her focus, regardless whether she works with celebrities or with regular people. During her career, the most noteworthy affiliations she had, were with the hair stylists, George and Dimitris Palaiologos. “I am a firm believer in building a personal relationship with my clients, always aiming to give my best and satisfy them. Satisfied clients end up clearly more cheerful, so, I play a part in boosting them emotionally.  

Ninietta Kard (Nikoletta Andreou)

Ninietta Kard (Nikoletta Andreou)

JUNIOR COLOURIST Ninietta is a student at the Kapodistrian, National University, in the Faculty of Mathematics and at the same time, she goes for lessons for hairstyling and makeup. She began this type of professional stride by taking part in fashion shows such as, Loukia and others, as well as photographing models for “Down Town” magazine. She belongs to a team, which has the right fundamentals and finds her cooperation with them very beneficial. Each new thing that she learns evolves her as a person and as a professional. The fact that she was part of the various steps until the client’s new colour and hairstyle was completed, gives her a feeling of satisfaction which is her moral reward. “I enjoy hair tinting, it changes my mindset. The blending of the various hues brings out the creative part in me and gives me a sense of balance. Combining colouring with mathematics, is an exciting exercise and challenges me to continue experimenting.”  Ninietta speaks with great enthusiasm about the dyes and the technique of coordinating them with earthy colours. Besides, she aspires to be a pioneer in this field.


Continuous education is the food of our mind, soul and live.

Our Advanced Academy is a series of classes intended for professional hair-stylists who wish to improve their techniques and take their careers to the next level. Each class is a pathway for hairdressers to advance their skill sets and create the looks that clients want.

By changing our perception, we move forward and we have the results that allow us to touch what we want, vision and believe. With our new perception, we have the possibility to change our career, our environment and our way of lifestyle.

«Knowledge is the eye of desire and can become the pilot of the soul.»

Will Durant  (American writer, historian, and philosopher)

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